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Virginia DMV backs Down!

Commonwealth of Virginia

Commonwealth of Virginia

But never admits to any errors…

Winnie received a response from the Virginia DMV today. Even though I wrote the letters of complaint, the third request I made in the 16 December letter was a direct response to Winnie explaining what she needed to do to gain her driver’s license.

The DMV never acknowledged their “Customer Service Representatives” made any errors, yet essentially, the documents they have told Winnie to provide is everything provided on the last three trips. Everything that is, except a letter from the DMV Commissioner. Continue reading

Jonah Goldberg Saves the Polar Bears!

Flying Mail

Flying Mail

The National Review Online “The Corner” by my most beloved writer, Jonah Goldberg, arguably the greatest living writer of all time, strikes serious pay dirt with todays post Save The Polar Bears

Todays treat offers his suggestions on solving the prospective threat of a world with no polar bears. Continue reading

A Happy Thanksgiving To All!

Happy Thanksgiving

Happy Thanksgiving

Today is America’s Day to spend just a minute or so reflecting on the many blessing of the past year, and spend another minute or so to pray for blessings to come.

Before Winnie and I head over to Uncle Joe and Aunt Linda’s house for Thanksgiving dinner, I want to reflect on a few personal blessing of the past year. Continue reading

Moving to Virginia

We’re resettled in northern Virginia now and comfortably settled into my new job. After three months of moving and resettling, I’m finally back in a position to update this website.

The final weeks leaving Mississippi were chaotic, exhausting, and overall not something I’m in a hurry to repeat. It’s been 13 years since I last moved, and all prior moves were with (because of) the kind assistance of the US Navy. So this cross-country move was something “different.” Continue reading