We Found A House!

Home Sweet Home
Home Sweet Home

The months of house-hunting are over, and our life in an apartment are coming to a welcomed end. Yesterday, our offer on a house was accepted!

We started house-hunting in Dale City several weeks ago after deciding that living in downtown Washington D.C. was not for us. We already had a Realtor lined up, a local Coldwell Banker agent who had helped us find an apartment way back in October. As much assistance as she provided then, she didn’t make any money helping us find an apartment and I promised her when we started house-hunting we’d let her know.

She proved to be a very competent agent. She didn’t try pushing properties on us that were above the price ceiling we set, which I found very refreshing after dealing with the D.C. agents. She obviously knew her way around this area and could talk about pros and cons of the different neighborhoods. I thought she really cared about helping us locate the house that would be best suited for us.

So we found a house both Winnie and I like. It’s a small Cape Cod style, which is rather ironic as this is the type home I grew up in, in Farmingdale, Long Island, New York back in the last millennium. A nice backyard, backed up on the wooden area of a local park, so there’s a lot of privacy. The house needs some work, but not too bad considering some of the horrors we’ve seen since house-hunting up here. Winnie is already planning on painting, buying new furniture, and coming up with ideas on how to remodel it. For myself, I’ll just be happy to unpack all the boxes and have space where I stretch out and call home again.

We expect to be closing on February 16, and then moving in slowly over the next several weeks. Winnie is talking about painting and thoroughly cleaning the place before we move in, which is actually not a bad idea. It’ll give her something to do.

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