Sea Dragon

Bayliner 2010 BR175 Runabout named Sea Dragon
Sea Dragon: Our Bayliner 2010 BR175 Runabout

I sold my first boat “Sea Dreams” in April 2010, leaving me boatless for the first time in nine years. I knew I wanted another boat but wasn’t sure what I wanted. In July my wife Winnie suggested we go down to a local Bayliner boat dealer to “look around.”

Among the few remaining boats on the lot that day was this 18 foot runabout, essentially the same type of boat as “Sea Dreams,” but in an all-new body. The boat was a stern drive model, looked sharp, and was extremely affordable. Winnie asked me if I wanted this boat, and after three seconds thought said “yes.” We closed the deal on July 27, 2010, after a lot of Winnie’s tough negotiations with the dealership.

Initially, I thought we’d own the boat for a few years, get used to operating her, then trade up for a larger boat. However, after a few years of boating fun, I realized I did not want anything else. This little boat got us out on the water during the summer boating seasons with little cost and little fuss. She was large enough to take out occasional friends and family, small enough to keep in our driveway without mooring costs, and simple enough not to need a lot of maintenance. All-in-all, the type of boat that suited us fine.

About the name: When we purchased her, Winnie and I discussed a proper name. We came up with a few suggestions, and I went with “Sea Dragon” in honor of Winnie. As Chinese, she has a high regard for dragons, so “Sea Dragon” seemed a natural fit.

Images of our power boat “Sea Dragon” a 2010 Bayliner 175BR 18 foot runabout, purchased new on July 27, 2010.

Use the “Slide” link to step through the photos in sequence. Move your cursor over the images to read the description.

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  1. […] Sea Dragon is a 2010 Bayliner 175BR sterndrive runabout. Winnie and I purchased this boat new back in July 2010, a few months after I sold my first boat Sea Dreams. The longer we’ve owned this boat, the more we love it. After the excessive work I put into Sea Dreams, for the first several years of owning Sea Dragon I paid professionals to do the maintenance. Gradually, I took over more maintenance myself. Largely because I wasn’t happy with the level of care versus prices I was getting gouged charged. […]

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