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2013 Nissan Versa 1.6SV Four Door Sedan

We purchased this car as a replacement for the 2009 Nissan Versa. This car was again Winnie’s choice, and quickly proved to be just as good a commuting car as the previous Nissan Versa. This was also the first car that Winnie added personalized license plates, choosing a number combination that was considered “auspicious.”

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2013 Nissan Versa 1.6SV Sedan Specifications

Purchased: – August 2013 from a local Nissan Dealer, 1732 miles on the odometer
Features: – Blue Four Door Sedan with Black Interior
– 1.6L 4-cylinder Engine
– Four Speed Automatic Transmission
– Air Conditioning
– AM/FM Single CD Player
– Bluetooth Hands-Free Phone System
– Dual Electric Mirrors
– Cruise Control with Steering Wheel-mounted Controls
– Advanced Air Bag System
– ABS Braking
– Rear Window Washer and Wiper
– 60/40-Fold Down Split Rear Seats for Greater Cargo Capacity
– Remote Trunk Release
Major Repairs: Nothing except routine maintenance. This was a rock solid reliable little car.
Comments: A practical and reliable car that was also sharp-looking.
External Reference: Wikipedia Entry for the North American Nissan Versa
Fact Sheet for 2013 Nissan Versa 1.6SV

Photo Collection

Winnie cleaning snow off her car the first winter we owned it.

2013 Nissan Versa Sedan Factory Brochure

Front cover of the 2013 Nissan Versa Sedan factory brochure. As with the 2009 Versa, this is a lovely brochure.

First foldout. This is a rather large brochure (number of pages) with good information and images on each page.

Second foldout of the car in motion.

Closeup of the headlamps. Our particular model did not include fog lights, but I find it interesting that fog lamps came standard on the high-end model.

The navigation package was standard on the high-end model, not the model we had. Winnie did augment her car with her own Garmin GPS once she started doing long commutes.

Nice instrument panel layout and gages.

More driving photos of this car in motion. They don’t show the car sitting bumper-to-bumper in morning commuting traffic. I’m sure it was an oversight.

More interior shots. For a small car, this was surprisingly roomy inside.

 Lots of trunk space for a small car.

Lots of built-in safety. After losing the first Nissan in an accident, I could appreciate the six airbags in this model.

 Roomy interior, and the driver’s seat armrest was a nice feature.

This was the first car we owned that was Bluetooth enabled and allowed hands-free cellphones operations. It was quite a step up in technology for us.

Decent mileage, but actually not the best for its class as per independent tests. On one trip to my mom’s house, we drove all the way home on one tank of gas, a trip of 354 miles.

 Another photo of the car in motion, this time discussing the braking features.

A number of options for the higher-end models.

 Lots of customization options available.

Now getting into the spec sheets and options. Interior trim first.

Extra gadgets, because one can never have too many gadgets in a car.

Lots of options for this car.

More options and specifications.

Still more specifications.

Fabric swatches – we had the charcoal weave. It was a very durable fabric.

First page of exterior paint colors available.

Second page of exterior paint colors available. I thought the blue was an especially sharp color, much better than the light blue cars my parents always had when we were growing up.

And the back cover. Lots of reading material here.


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