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Final Thought and History of Updates

I’m sure I’ll be owning additional cars in the future. There’s no way of knowing what they will be, how they will be powered, or how long I’ll own any given vehicle. But as long as I’m healthy enough to drive, I’ll have a set of wheels!

Updated: February 8, 2009 – Added scans of factory brochures for the 1977 Chevy Luv and 1979 MG Midget.
Updated: February 23, 2009 – Added scans of factory brochures for the 1988 Isuzu LS SpaceCab Pickup Truck.
Updated: January 20, 2014 – General editing as part of reloading into a new website.
Updated: February 16, 2014 – Added scans of factory brochures for the 1980 Chevrolet Chevette.
Updated: February 17, 2014 – Added scan of the magazine ad for the 1976 Alfa Romeo Alfetta.
Updated: March 13, 2014 – Added brochure scans for the 1978 Mercedes and 1991 Volvo, added chapter on the 2009 Nissan Versa, added first page index.
Updated: March 22, 2014 – Added chapter on the 2013 Nissan Versa including all brochure scans.
Updated: March 14, 2015 – Added additional photos of the 1988 Isuzu LS Pickup and 2004 Isuzu Rodeo
Updated: August 4, 2015 – Added additional history on the 2004 Rodeo, added cross-links between the histories of each car.
Updated: December 2015 – Added new entry on the 2015 Jeep Cherokee, updated the history of the 2004 Rodeo.  Added the index directory to each page for better cross-referencing.
Updated: March 2018 – Added drop caps and other typographical enhancements.
Updated: February 16, 2022 – Updated formatting, added Lightbox display to all images. Updated Jeep story.
Updated: March 13, 2022 – Added Factory brochure images to the 2000 Volkswagen New Beetle.

Publications: The write-up and history of my 1979 MG Midget was picked up and re-published by  editor Karl Eirik Haug for the car magazine “Carl’s Cars” published in Norway in February 2010 . 

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  1. […] basis over an eleven year period for family visits. My more memorable trips were made with the MG Midget  I briefly owned, but ghosts of my frequent commutes are everywhere along the I-5 […]

    March 26, 2015
  2. docreport said:

    Yikes, trying to comment and somehow ended up in your WordPress control panel. That was weird!

    So anyway, found someone that’s owned a few cars like me,although I have ya beat by around 20 LOL.

    Read most of your R. Garwood story. Geez that sucks.

    January 2, 2016

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