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2009 Nissan Versa 1.8S Hatchback

We traded in the 2000 VW New Beetle for Winnie’s choice of new car. This was a car she had been looking at for several years, even before we left Mississippi. She wanted an economical and practical small car for her commuting. However, after the first year’s ownership Winnie insisted that I use it for commuting as it got better mileage than the Rodeo, and Winnie went back to commuting in the Rodeo.  This car met an untimely and sad end in a collision that totaled the car, but both Winnie and I walked away without a scratch.

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2009 Nissan Versa 1.8S Hatchback Specifications

Purchased: – September 2009 from a local Nissan Dealer, about 26 miles on the odometer
– Totaled in a front-end collision, March 2013
Features: – Cherry Red Hatchback with Black Interior
– 1.8L 4-cylinder Engine
– Four Speed Automatic Transmission
– Air Conditioning
– AM/FM Single CD Player
– Dual Electric Mirrors
– Cruise Control with Steering Wheel-mounted Controls
– Advanced Air Bag System
– ABS Braking
– Rear Window Washer and Wiper
– 60/40-Fold Down Split Rear Seats for Greater Cargo Capacity
Major Repairs: Nothing except routine maintenance. This was a rock solid reliable little car.
Comments: A practical and reliable car that was also sharp-looking.
External Reference: Wikipedia Entry for the North American Nissan Versa
Fact Sheet for 2009 Nissan Versa

Photo Collection

Winnie dressed for the occasion and showing off her new car, on the first day home.

Second shot of the proud new owner showing off her first car.

2009 Nissan Versa Factory Brochure

This factory brochure is a first-class publication, with some really beautiful photographs.

The first of several fold out photographs in this brochure

Two pages spread of this car in motion. although it did get good mileage, class-wise it was rated as the lowest mileage of all compacts in its class.

Interior shot of the dash and steering wheel. This car had an attractive and practical dashboard layout.

Nissan seemed to like showing their car in motion.

Showing some of the body and engineering features. I can attest to the effectiveness of the air bag system.

Showing the three models and main options for each model.

Spec sheets for all options and features of the three models.

Showing the various color options. Nissan seems to do a great job of producing eye-catching colors.

Back page of the factory brochure showing all Nissan models sold in the North American market in 2009.


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