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1976 Alfa Romeo Alfetta 1.6 Four Door Sedan


1976 Alfa Romeo AlfettaA true “exotic” car, even more so than my former MG Midget. This was a pure Italian spec sedan built with the heart of a racecar. I purchased this car as cheap temporary transportation after arriving in Naples, Italy. I made some engine repairs which gave me a great appreciation for Italian engineering. As I didn’t need it after my first several months in Italy I sold it, and actually got more for it than I paid. A great little car.

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1976 Alfa Romeo Alfetta 1.6 Four Door Sedan
Purchased: – From private party, 1989, Naples, Italy
– Sold to private party 1990, Naples, Italy
Features: – White w/ white interior
– 5 speed manual transmission
– DeDion Rear Axel Suspension
– 1.6 liter 4 cylinder engine
– Front engine w/ rear transmission, high speed drive shaft
– Front Vent Windows
– 4 way disk brakes
– Dual Overhead Cams
– Dual Sidedraft Carbs
Major Repairs: – Replaced the water pump
– Rebuilt the brake master cylinder
Comments: A fun car to drive! The best handling of any car I’ve owned.
External Reference: Wikipedia Entry for Alfa Romeo Alfettas


Photo Collection
Alfa Romeo Alfetta A second shot of my exotic Italian-built family race car. Photos were taken in front of our “Parco” (Duplex Home) in Castelvolturno, Italy.


1976 Alfa Romeo Factory Advertising Brochure
Alfa Romeo Alfetta Sales Brochure Cover Cover page for an authentic 1976 Alfa Romeo Alfetta sedan and GT models. This would be for the American import versions, so there would be some changes made to accommodate US DOT standards. Overall, I believe the major components described in this brochure are the same as my Italian spec car.
Alfa Roemo Sales Brochure, Second page Page two of the 1976 Alfa Romeo sales brochure. The actual brochure I scanned from is a fold-out single page, but it was too large for this web format. I found the description of the DeDion suspension especially interesting.
Alfa Romeo Alfetta Sales Brochure Page 3 Page three of the 1976 Alfa Romeo Sales Brochure. This offers details on the engine and interior features.
Alfa Romeo Alfetta Sales Brochure Back Cover Back cover of the 1976 Alfa Romeo sales brochure. This includes a list of standard features, options, and a brief history of the Alfa Romeo Company.
Magazine Ad for the 1976 Alfa Romeo Alfetta A full page magazine ad for the Alfa Romeo Alfetta. I liked driving smart.


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