Now Where is Matt?

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Music Inside

I’ve been following a man named Matt Harding, aka”Matt,” for about six years now on YouTube. Matt has got to be one of the luckiest people alive. You see, Matt has managed to make a living out of traveling around the world to dance with people on someone else’s dime.

I first stumbled across the YouTube videos “Where the Hell is Matt” about six years ago, just as Matt released his second video in 2008. The two videos featured clips of Matt in various locations around the world dancing a crazy little jig. In many of his clips he had people from his location dancing with him. It was impossible for me to watch without smiling, and without feeling serious jealousy that this guy was able to do something so cool. In reading up on Matt, I learned that although he paid for all his travel for the first video produced in 2006, his second video was sponsored by a chewing gum company. No strings other than putting their name in his credits.

This morning I found Matt’s third dancing around the world video titled “Where the Hell is Matt 2012?” His dances and the overall production is much more elaborate that his previous videos, but still very, very, cool. I present it here to give my loyal viewers something to smile about on this cold winter’s day.

Now Where The Hell Is Matt?

I continue to be very jealous of Matt, and hope he continues to make these wonderful videos.

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