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Yesterday was our seventeenth wedding anniversary. It was a quiet day, as most days are in this age of the pandemic. But that was ok, as Winnie and I are still together and still getting along after seven months of home lockdown.

The quiet day did give me a chance to reflect on our life together these past seventeen years (plus our one year of long-distance courtship).

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Coronavirus, appearing in interesting times
May These Be Interesting Times

So here we are on pandemic day one hundred seventy-nine of staying safer-at-home. This life in a pandemic is proving to have it’s challenges and unique demands. Winnie and I are fortunate that at least we still have adequate income, stable shelter, and food on the table. That’s more than too many people in this country currently don’t have.

All the same, I’d just as soon have this over with and life go back to some semblance of pre-pandemic times.

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Music Inside with a YouTube Video
Music Inside

So let’s see. The world is in the grip of a one-hundred year pandemic that’s raging out of control in the world’s nominally most advanced nation. (That would be us). Forest fires are burning up California while a category four hurricane wipes out Louisiana and Texas. We have more wild protests in our cities due to yet another black man shot by police on-camera. Meanwhile, the Doom-and-Gloom Republican National Convention enters it’s fourth and hopefully final day, bearing a message that electing the other guy means a dystopian American future of plague, pestilence and violence in our cities.

Time for some music.

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Onlne Shopping
Online Shopping

Our grocery shopping patterns have dramatically changed in the age of the pandemic. In the before times Winnie would go grocery shopping every several days, using a variety of mostly Asian food stores. Since we’ve started staying-safer-at-home, we shop every several weeks using either Costco or Walmart curbside pickup. The ripple effects of this change includes not having enough space in our freezer for meat, and other stuff needing freezing to stay edible for long periods of time. So a few weeks ago, we (Winnie) decided we needed to buy a small chest freezer to store our stuff.

This should have been an easy purchase. But in this pandemic age, even internet shopping has proven to be adventurous.

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Fine Dining Experience
Fine-Dining Experience

I’ve become a regular contributor to the ever-amazing Quora social media site. I enjoy following the various answers to off-beat questions, and can keep engaged for hours if I let myself. I routinely provide my own answers and commentary.

Most recently, I answered the Quora question: Have you ever been to a restaurant that made you say “You’ve Got To Be Kidding Me!” when they brought out the food?” My answer related a fine-dining restaurant experience from years back.

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This And That - Catching Up On Family News
This And That

So today is day one hundred-eleven (111) for staying safer-at-home against the novel coronavirus that’s taking over the world. Or more properly, the novel coronavirus that has taken over the world. I can’t help noticing that 111 plus 888 equals 999, which is supposed to be the symbol of the beast. There might be something numerologist about this, but I really don’t want to spend too much thinking about it.

I really just want this zombie apocalypse pandemic to end.

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Coronavirus Day Eighty Stay-at-Home
Still Living in Interesting Times

So today is day eighty of my Coronavirus pandemic stay-at-home adventures. It’s been an amazing time of watching the world from my at-home window while trying to make sense of everything. Along with my need to understand what was happening came my dual need to feel gainfully occupied. From my vantage, it looks like things are opening up but in a new and very different way.

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Day fifty-four Pandemic shut at home
May These Be Interesting Times

So today is my day fifty-four of being shut-at-home trying to avoid catching the pandemic coronavirus. It has been an interesting time. I have to admit, if just a few months ago someone had told me I’d soon be staying inside my house for nearly two months with no end in sight, I would have thought they were crazy.

Coronavirus Diaries Family Stories

This And That
This And That

“Now, meanwhile, the clock, it just ticked on
As clocks are known to do
For time’s their only purpose
Their only point of view”

So, one of my favorite lines from one of my all-time favorite albums, Beethoven’s Last Night, created by the amazing musical group “Trans-Siberian Orchestra”; a reminder that I haven’t written anything in this humble blog for many months and I’m past due.

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Yesterday Winnie and I were up in Pine Bush, New York, for a bittersweet family gathering.  We attended a memorial service for my mom who passed away March 1 at…

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