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NOAA satellite image of Hurricane Katrina making landfall on the Mississippi Gulf Coast.
NOAA Image of Hurricane Katrina

Just a quick report before I shut down my computer and evacuate – probably not to come back on-line for several days at least. It is August 28, 2005 in Gautier, Mississippi, just west of the Mississippi / Alabama state line. Hurricane Katrina is presently expected to make landfall just west of new Orleans, about 100 miles to my west, early tomorrow morning. My wife and I, after much discussion, have decided to stay with friends a mile south of here. The counties to my west, Harrison, on the Louisiana state line, are a mandatory evacuation area. Hancock county to the east of Harrison is recommended evacuation for higher areas, mandatory for low-lying (“A” and “B”). My county, Jackson, is recommended evacuation for higher areas and mandatory for “A” and “B” flood zones.

This is the first of a multi-part series documenting my personal experiences with what has since been called “The Greatest Natural Disaster to Hit the US.”

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Immigration Official Image
Immigration Official

Just wanted to let everyone know that Winnie will have her visa interview soon! After only a 19 month wait, she is scheduled to have her consulate interview Thursday, June 30, in the morning session. Right now we are scrambling to get all the last minute documents together that we think she may need. We need to show the consulate interviewer we have a “real” relationship, as if somehow waiting almost two years for her to come to the US isn’t proof enough…

Family Stories

Howard Dean For America - File Photo
Howard Dean For America – File Photo

Howard Dean was our keynote speaker the evening of March 2, 2005, in Jackson Mississippi, at the annual $75-a-plate Mississippi Democratic Elected Officials appreciation dinner and fundraiser. Governor Dean’s appearance here was part of his Red, White, and Blue Tour making appearances in “Red” states across the US. I had the great privilege of attending this dinner and hearing him speak. This is my account of the evening.

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