On The Road Again!

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On The Road Again!

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So tomorrow Winnie and I are headed out on another week-long adventure. This will be a combination camping/kayaking trip, Navy reunion, and family visit all strung together.


Tomorrow we’ll be headed up to the Hudson Valley area of New York, close to where mom used to live. We plan on camping there for the weekend, and paddle the Bashakill wildlife refuge. I was last there nine years ago, but in September when it was grown over and hard to paddle. This time, I hope we’ll have enough water to paddle on.

Monday we’re off to Groton, Connecticut, for a week-long navy reunion of shipmates off my first submarine, the USS Scamp (SSN 588). The last Scamp reunion I attended was in Las Vegas in 2015, so I’m past due for another go-around. While we’re in the Groton area I’m hoping to visit some of the area with Winnie and perhaps do some more kayaking. Getting out onto salt water in Long Island sound sounds like a great adventure.

The reunion is over on Friday, so from there we plan on heading up to Rhode Island to visit cousins there. My cousin Richard is planning on getting together as many cousins as possible for a nice dinner. Just one night, then home again on Saturday, about ten hours of driving.

I hope to have a lot of pictures to post and stories to tell after this week!

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