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Not The News, Military Edition
Washington, D.C.
April 1, 2022

Navy Spokesperson Captain Crunch Jr. announced today that out-of-the-box thinking has resulted in dramatic cost savings in the Navy’s new budget. “For years, the Navy has struggled to understand why costs kept spiraling up” Crunch said. “It turns out, ships are expensive to fix. There’s so much stuff on them that breaks, and they’re literally sitting in water all the time, just rusting away. So, several years ago we awarded multi-million-dollar consulting contracts to conceptualize ways the Navy could save money moving forward.”

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Grace Slick – 1967

Estimated reading time: 5 minutes

I post music clips at random intervals of songs and musicians I particularly enjoy. But to date I’ve been remiss in not posting any music from my all-time favorite singer-songwriter. A musician who has not only created some of the greatest rock music ever, but is otherwise incredibly vibrant. A musician who was ahead of her time in setting standards for “liberated” women.

A singer-songwriter who I also had a teen-aged crush on, and still deeply admire even after all these years.

I’m referring to Grace Slick of Great Society / Jefferson Airplane / Jefferson Starship / Starship.

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A Meat Loaf but not the singer
Not This Meat Loaf

Estimated reading time: 4 minutes

So this brave new year of 2022 has barely started, and already too much of the news is bad news. Today’s sad news is about a famed Rock Singer with the unlikely name of “Meat Loaf,” passing at the age of 74.

He was/is one of my favorite “Classical Rock” performers. A trailblazer in his art who built a place among the great musicians of our era.

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Happy New Year 2022. Photo by Vladislav Murashko from Pexels
Happy New Year 2022

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Yes, today is the first day of the year 2022 as per the Julian calendar, as devised by non other than Julius Caesar himself. So we managed to survive another year of lockdown due to the seemingly never-ending Zombie Apocalypse, along with all the horrors of the post-trump-presidency error era.

So, for my first post of this brave new year I feel we need a little bit of celebratory music.

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Uptown Funk Dancing
Getting Into The Music

So it’s been a terrible couple of weeks that followed a terrible year. But now it’s Friday evening and I think we can all use a little bit of celebration for making it this far.

Herein I present music for a Friday night’s celebration.

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Goodbye Year 2020
Yes, We’re All Exhausted

So, finally, we came to the last day of the year 2020 as defined by the Julian calendar. I think I can call this past year a wild ride. I’ve heard some people were surprised Godzilla didn’t make a return visit to either Tokyo or New York City. Alien invaders from Planet X also haven’t attacked us, so I guess there’s two bits of good news.

So now we get to look forward to a new year full of surprises and excitement. Which sounds suspiciously like the year we just left, that no one seems to want to repeat.

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Christmas Peace On Earth
Christmas Peace On Earth

So this is Christmas. After a bitterly long year that still isn’t over we are in the season of peace and goodwill towards all men. I think anyone could be excused for not feeling particularly “Christmasy” about now.

But, I want to think there is still some good in this season.

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Fourth of July Ribbon!
Fourth of July!

So another July Fourth celebration has come and gone. This year, the year of the pandemic, was a rather muted celebration. We had the obligatory fireworks in my neighborhood, but there were no concerts I know of anywhere around. No big celebrations south of Washington, D.C.

But of course, in Washington, the Mango Mussolini had to have his party, just because. I wish those party-goers well.

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A Violin is a thing of beauty even before it's played.
A Violin in the Hands of a true artist approaches musical perfection

I’ve written before about the violin-playing Goddess that is Vanessa Mae. In this post, I’m writing about her again, and about one of her many violin pieces that is also a good match for these times and the approaching storm.

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Music Inside
Music Inside

So the world is on fire right now. Stock markets are collapsing, a pandemic is raging across the globe, a buffoon is occupying the role of “Leader of the Free World,” and our supermarkets are out of toilet paper and hand sanitizer.

But things could be worse – we could be in a Groundhog Day time loop living the same day over and over again. So we need some music for these times.

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